Pidgin Extended Preferences Plugin

Extended Preferences Screenshot

Current Version: 0.7 (ChangeLog, Older Versions)
Released: April 29, 2007

About Extended Preferences

The Pidgin Extended Preferences Plugin adds additional preferences that have been commonly called for in the past from Pidgin that are either already implemented and hidden, or trivial to implement via a plugin.

Please take a look at the screenshot to the right to review the features we are currently providing.

This plugin is unsupported by the Pidgin developers (otherwise it would be in Pidgin). If you have any problems or wish to submit feature suggestions, we are going to prefer that you submit them in the form of patches, but you may submit bugs as well. To do so, visit our project page.


Please see the INSTALL file in the source distribution for instructions on building from source, or the INSTALL-Win32.txt file in the Win32 zip file for installation of the DLL.