Windows Pidgin Build Environment Fetcher

Current Version: 1.8 (ChangeLog, TODO, Older Versions)
Released: March 29, 2009

About the BEF

The Windows Pidgin Build Environment Fetcher downloads the files needed to make compiling Pidgin on Windows possible. All you need in advance is a Cygwin installation with certain packages installed. You do not need to have Pidgin installed on the computer.

This script features automatic MD5 checksumming of downloaded packages, installation of required software, build environment and self updating, and the ability to download Pidgin source code packages.

Note: We will be adding support for MTN in a future release. Please see this page for the time being.


You need Cygwin installed to use this script. Make sure you select the following packages (ones in bold are not selected by default):


  1. Open the Cygwin Bash Shell
  2. At the prompt type "wget" and press enter.
  3. Type "bash" and follow the directions.

Troubleshooting / Custom Usage Settings