Theme Switcher Plugin

Current Version: 0.1
Released: June 4, 2004

Note: This plugin is no longer useful. It has been superceded by a GTK+ Theme Switcher utility that ships with the Pidgin GTK+ distribution. You can use the themes linked at the bottom of the page with that utility. There is no real need for this plugin anymore, so I no longer plan to do any further development on it.

About Theme Switcher

This plugin lets you switch your GTK theme in Windows Pidgin. It's largely unsupported by me for now, and requires a little mucking around in your GTK directory to make it useful.


  1. Download and install Pidgin and set up the build environment
  2. Extract the tar.gz archive and place the themeswitch.c source file in the Pidgin build directory under plugins
  3. Enter the Pidgin build directory and type "make -f Makefile.mingw" to compile Pidgin
  4. Now cd to the plugins directory and type "make -f Makefile.mingw themeswitch.dll" to build the actual plugin
  5. Copy the plugin .dll from the build directory to your Pidgin user directory under plugins. This is usually at c:\documents and settings\<username>\Application Data\.purple\plugins

GTK Themes

This is a nice collection of GTK themes put together by Alex Shaduri that function in Windows and can be used with the theme switcher plugin. To use them, extract the package with a program like WinZip and copy the directories called "share" and "lib" to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0"